Eagle Pro Instant Garage Flooring Tiles

Eagle Pro Flooring is our custom brand garage floor tiles which are perfect for use in the garage, shed, gym, laundry, workshop and anywhere you need high quality floor tiles. These tiles are easily installed using four interlocking loops on each side; ensuring a secure connection between each tile. All tiles are made from a high-impact co-polymer polypropylene 100% virgin raw material (not recycled plastic). The diamond reinforced structure will support the weight of cars, 4 wheel drives, motorbikes and trailers. Channels are also underneach each tile making sure liquids have a way to drain down and away from the tiles if they get wet. The patterns are customisable by you so whether it's a checkered pattern, two coloured, bordered - the limitations on how the colours appear on the floor is up to you. We're the only importers of the Eagle Pro brand, which is Made in the USA.