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Author: Shane Cooper   Date Posted: 22 November 2018  

We've just uploaded a new video to our YouTube Channel. You can view it at here or search for Maxim Toolboxes in YouTube.

We'll also be raising our prices soon so Beat the Price Rise by shopping for your items now.


Author: Shane Cooper   Date Posted: 25 September 2017  

We believe a toolbox should be a once in a lifetime purchase. Most toolboxes on eBay and at large chain stores are of inferior quality, built with thin steel and the cheapest components. View the features of our toolboxes and you will soon see that our products will be the ones still in your garage in 20 years' time. We offer a pre-purchase inspection at our Sydney showroom. We've taken a no-compromise approach to all our products. Call Shane on 0421 325 124 to arrange a time or drop in Monday to Friday 8am - 4pm.

Maxim Heavy Duty Garage Storage Systems have arrived in Australia. Previously these products have only have only been supplied to the German, US and Canadian markets. ...

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